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2000 Toyota Celica Gts Parts – Toyota Celica GTS 2000, 1-Click Street Warrior Z26 Drilled and Slotted Brake Package by Power Quit ®. Specially developed for high performance road chauffeurs who demand much shorter stops under one of the most severe conditions, this brake package is an excellent solution for high horse power autos and also big wheel upgrades. Pierced and slotted blades layout offers efficient cooling as well as sweeps away gas as well as dust, while severe efficiency pads stand up to discolor to 1500 levels and guarantee practically noise-free, low-wear, and dust-free stopping performance.

Blades Advantages:

  • Pierced openings as well as Ports develop a getaway route for particles, dust, gases, and water.
  • Slots clean as well as de-glaze pad surface for maximum pad coefficient of friction.
  • Drilled blades boost the appearance of your wheels and also supply decreased rotor weight.
  • Slots aid to raise pad bite as well as improve air blood circulation.

If you’re looking for optimum stopping efficiency under one of the most demanding conditions, this high-performance brake package is just what your street application needs. This package consists of Tru-Cast innovation drilled and also slotted brake blades and also Extreme Performance pads. Developed making use of OEM samples, brake blades are precisely machined and cast. Blades go out is within.0015 and also DTV (Disc Density Variant) resistance spec is within.005.

All blades are mill balanced to offer certain braking. Thanks to beveled drill openings that lower temperatures during severe stopping efficiency, these blades add to 180º cooler, while rounded ports maintain a clear contact spot in between the pad and the blades by sweeping away dirt as well as gas. All drilled and also slotted rotors (except for center blades settings up) are silver zinc plated to resist rust.

Power Stop Extreme Efficiency pads include the Z26 friction substance, which is a carbon fiber and also ceramic hybrid that provides remarkable quiting power and also resists fade approximately 1500 degrees. They provide brake torque that is constantly more than OE and guarantee superior thermal stability. These performance pads have exceptional stainless-steel shims and also are chamfered and also slotted like OE pads to offer noise-free braking. Powder coated backing plate extends pad life-span thanks to high corrosion and corrosion resistance. With these pads, you could count on exceptional pad bite without dusty wheels.

Founded in 1997 in Southern California, Power Stop ® started with the goal of bringing the advantages of exceptional brake parts at a reasonable expense to street performance and backyard efficiency lovers all over. Firm monitoring and designers believed then, as they do today, that much better brakes make driving a lot more delightful as well as safer for any lorry, surface, as well as driving design– not simply road efficiency. They established an ideology that while brake elements could not transcend without the most advanced products, they also can not do in a premium style without matching the precise tolerances of each and every individual vehicle they are developed for.

Relentless growth and testing resulted in brake pads, blades, drum footwears, as well as other relevant elements that provided uncompromising fit as well as operation, and also Power Stop’s client base grew significantly from positive word of mouth. The company still has its initial interest for creating the very best products at the best feasible costs, so when it concerns substitute brake elements for your vehicle, Power Stop is the only name you should understand.

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