2008 Toyota Tacoma Accessories, Daytona Edition Gauge Face Set


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2008 Toyota Tacoma Accessories – Toyota Tacoma GAS 2008, Daytona Edition Gauge Face Set by United States Speedo ®. The instrument panel is the final frontier for tailoring your car. United States Speedo’s Daytona Scale Faces are a straightforward way to earn your control panel your own. Set includes: polycarbonate scale face, needle elimination device and complete installation directions.

2008 Toyota Tacoma Accessories


  • Display printed on polycarbonate plastic
  • Mirrors all factory information
  • Lights and also symbols match OEM color as well as placement
  • Does not include brand-new needles
  • Needle removal tool consisted of

US Speedo’s scale face superimposes replace the stock gauge deals with on your control panel in a half-hour or two. All the manufacturing facility information is readily available, the illumination is the same, and all of the idiot lights and indicators light up in the original icons, colors and also positions. The part of your automobile that you consider more than any other is, of course, the cockpit console. So use up some of your bling budget on impressing on your own, not all those boneheads down at the Dairy products Queen.

Seriously, a lot of custom vehicles still have the stock cockpit console, even if you have actually included a few additional determines. Take a half hr as well as upgrade your scale deals with to reflect your style, not some brownshoe art director that’s creating vehicles to the least common denominator. United States Speedo’s Daytona Version evaluates are screen printed on polycarbonate plastic, as well as will certainly last as long as your OEM assesses, because that’s just how the factory does it.

Located in Flint Michigan, US Speedo ® is the leading producer of OEM top quality gauge restyling items. From simply fixing speedometers, they started to provide modified gauges for individuals that wished to import metric-gauged automobiles right into the UNITED STATE, which requires MPH, not KPH speedos. That tiny market transitioned right into nation-wide orders for special restyled color gauges on most prominent automobiles! Soon after, they designed and also patented the stainless steel scale face, which has evolved right into even more remarkable styles such as the Aqua Edition and Aqua Sailor. US Speedo likewise pioneered the preferred designer NewKeyFob shells, which are offered nation-wide.

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