2014 Toyota Tundra Crew Max Review Notes


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2014 Toyota Tundra Crew Max – Somebody in the workplace quipped that if you want to know exactly how good the new Chevrolet Silverado is, own the new Toyota Tundra. I don’t assume the Expanse is a poor truck per se, however it’s not comparable to the Silverado. Mainly that’s to little improvement information. I’ll reach those soon.

I such as the Toyota’s refresh. It looks bolder as well as harder. The inside is huge front as well as rear and also while the products themselves can make use of an upgrade, the interior is well assembled and comfort levels are there. Something that drove me crazy was the easy-exit driver seat– I could not for the life of me figure out ways to turn that off. Whatever else is user-friendly and easy to find. It’s a positive adequate location to hang around.

The V8 definitely offered all the power I could ever before need. It’s also a smooth engine as well as nicely matches the six-speed automobile trans. Toyota states this beast could tow greater than 10,000 pounds, as well as I have no reason to doubt it. When driving, one point that stood out to me was that the brakes felt a little hoggish or sensitive, however that could have resulted from the weather condition and the horrible driving problems. In 4WD high this thing had no problems in the weather condition, by the way. It simply trucked along with whatever spitefulness I came across.

So back to the improvement: The Silverado just has that little bit more: The Chevy’s (or GMC’s) chassis feels a great deal stiffer, while the Expanse jiggles a little as well as shudders over road blemishes greater than the Silverado. The Silverado’s cabin has much better products, as well as it’s a whole lot quieter out on the freeway than the Toyota in terms of wind noise. Like I said, little details push the Silverado beyond the Toyota.

I would certainly wager there’s probably no automobile category with consumer loyalty/return customer degrees like the full-size pick-up market. Seems to me you’re a Chevy individual, a Ram guy, a Ford F-150 guy … That’s just what you buy, when it wears out, you acquire one more one.

I do not know of several Expanse people, though I make certain they’re out there. Until now Toyota hasn’t been able to put a damage in Chevy, Ford or Dodge despite just how great the Toyota is. And it’s not that the Tundra is a negative full size vehicle. It’s arguably the very best Expanse yet. It’s simply that the GMs are better. There will certainly be a brand-new F-150 on the marketplace following year, which will give Toyota a lot more fits, I forecast.

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