2017 Toyota Prius C One, Small Updates for the Subcompact Hybrid


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2017 Toyota Prius C One – Take the unimaginative underpinnings of the Toyota Yaris and blend with it an also less effective variation of the Prius hybrid powertrain as well as you obtain the Prius C. The C trips on a shorter wheelbase than the routine Prius, as well as the C’s consolidated horse power, at 99, is less than the 134 hp of the Prius. The EPA prices the C at 46 mpg combined, however coaxing that degree of fuel economic climate will certainly drain pipes all driving satisfaction from the formula.

Toyota’s smallest as well as least expensive hybrid, the Prius C, sees some adjustments for the 2017 version year. Outside, there’s subtle black bodywork on the bumpers as well as rocker panels, and the base $21,075 Prius C trim, One, rolls on 15-inch cast light weight aluminum wheels instead of in 2014’s stamped steelies. Much more substantial is that previously optional safety and security devices is now conventional throughout the Prius C line. However, the changes aren’t likely to raise our average score of this subcompact gas-electric significantly.

Packaged under the Toyota Security Sense-C tag, the newly common items consist of forward-collision caution with automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and automatic high-beam headlights.

The same is the hybrid electric powertrain. It combines a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a 2 Air Conditioning motor/generators. With each other, they create a mixed 99 steeds, a paltry sum that in our screening dragged the 2015 Prius C to 60 miles per hour in a lengthy 10.9 secs. The bigger motor/generator is geared straight to the final-drive differential to offer propulsion and also to produce power throughout slowdown. The smaller sized Air Conditioner device collaborates with the combustion engine through a worldly gearset to power the wheels with digitally managed drive proportions, usually called a digital CVT.

Unfortunately for Toyota, the Prius C’s substandard performance is now accompanied by less excellent fuel-economy figures. At 48 mpg city as well as 43 mpg highway, the EPA ratings for the Prius C drop by 5 mpg around community and also 3 mpg on the highway compared to 2016, a modification that’s likely the result of tougher fuel-economy testing guidelines by the EPA rather than any type of mechanical differences in the vehicle.

Although the Prius C’s fuel-economy numbers still are absolutely nothing to discount, the larger as well as extra powerful– albeit more expensive regular Prius accomplishes ratings of 54 mpg city and 50 mpg freeway. While it’s exceptional that Toyota uses hybrid modern technology to consumers in this course, we ‘d rather take the mileage hit as well as be better in autos such as the Toyota Yaris iA or the Ford Fiesta.

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