Toyota 22R For Sale, Junkyard Gem: 1985 Toyota Celica Liftback, Rusty Jones Failure Edition

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Toyota 22R For Sale – The third-generation Toyota Celica was constructed for the 1982 with 1985 version years, and its mix of fuel economy, mechanical dependability, and stylish appearances made it a success in the USA. Sadly, these cars disintegrated rapidly in rusty areas, and also many were driven into the ground elsewhere, so you won’t see several on the street today. Here’s a battered ’85 that I found in a Denver self-service lawn a couple of weeks ago.

This vehicle has a genuine Rusty Jones sticker label, likely used when it got Rusty Jones rustproofing as a dealer option.

Yes, Rusty would certainly ride on your car’s roof covering and secure it versus corrosion, for as long as you had your auto (or till the company went bankrupt, which happened in 1988).

By Michigan or Connecticut standards, this rust isn’t really so poor, but we anticipate a lot more from Rusty Jones.

Inside this 221,388-mile Toyota, some owner-installed tailoring touches have been used. The side windows have these great tasseled drapes, for example.

The headliner is a collage of various fabrics, stapled as well as glued right into place. The combination of paisley, red stripes, and also tie-dye really brings the guest compartment together.

ome junkyard customer, probably a Toyota truck owner, has gotten the cyndrical tube avoid the 22R engine.

” From the past right into a thousand tomorrows comes an automobile made from the right stuff.”

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