Toyota E Locker, Biopsy of a Toyota e-Locker Swap


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Toyota E Locker – If you’re a committed contractor of your vehicle, you have actually most likely located outstanding original-equipment parts from the manufacturer (OEM) that work excellent off-road. These OEM little bits– be they husky brakes, a stout A-arm, a special center, a special power part or a factory locker– are normally built better compared to aftermarket parts, and exchanging them is often turn-key.

Regrettably, awesome OEM components can additionally be tough to discover, and also their setup is usually made complex by details shortages and also fitment obstacles brought on by the worrying mid-run production line modifies that manufacturers make throughout an item’s life-span.

In this case, Toyota’s electric locking differential/axle combination– the e-locker axle– in the third-gen 4Runner (as well as Tacoma, if we’re just speaking about the center section, which is frequently described as the “pig”) is both. The e-locker is an actual treasure: a cab-controllable instant-on 100% storage locker that was offered with certain 1996-01 4Runners, plus some four-wheel drive and PreRunner Tacomas.

The e-locker facility area will fit first-generation eight-inch Toyota axle real estates (called for the eight-inch ring equipment in the diff), which were marketed with most early 4Runners as well as pickups, on all 1996-02 4Runners and all e-locker-equipped Tacomas. That said, there are about a lots different diff-axle-gear combos for these trucks you should understand, and also there’s some minor job required when installing the e-locker facility area on a non-locking eight-inch axle real estate. Meanwhile, the circuitry that supports this diff locker is straightforward, yet not simple.

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