1991 Toyota Mr2 Turbo For Sale


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Toyota Mr2 Turbo For Sale – This 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo is an unmodified, 68k mile example which the seller acquired from the original owner last year. The first owner was an executive who purchased the car when they were 60 years old, and kept it until 85. Records are said to be complete back to new, and include the original window sticker, books, and service records. During the seller’s ownership the car received a pressure flush of the cooling system by a Toyota dealer, along with fitting new spark plugs, plug wires, an oxygen sensor and an oil change with synthetic oil. This MR2 includes documentation back to new, the original owner’s manuals, keys, T-Top bags, and model memorabilia. The car is sold with a clean New York title in the seller’s name.

Per the seller, the red paint is all original and in good condition, and no bodywork has been conducted. The seller states that all VIN tags are present and matching, and further notes consistent panel gaps. The original alloy wheels are still fitted, though the seller notes that the inner portion of the wheels show some signs of age.

A small area of touchup is apparent on the right rear wheelarch, which the seller states was performed by the original owner. Some chips are present, and the seller notes just one ding, located on the fuel door, and a scratch on the rear bumper. An area of rust about 6″ long is noted on the left rocker, just forward of the rear wheel.

The cabin is unmodified and per the window sticker, this car is equipped with the premium CD/cassette sound system with seven speakers and perforated black leather upholstery. Faint creasing is visible on the driver’s seat, and the plastics, carpets, and other upholstery remain clean and free of visible wear, including the thick pile floor mats. All lighting, gauges and electronics are said to work properly, apart from the A/C, which does not blow cold and which has not been converted from R-12. 68k miles are shown, and per the seller the car has been a summer driver only from new.

Photos of the lower doors and drain holes are provided on both sides, and both appear clean and free of rust.

The 3S-GTE turbocharged, twin-cam inline-four is unmodified, and was rated at 200 horsepower when new in US market trim. Turbo models featured an air-to-air intercooler, larger fuel pump and radiator, stronger gearbox, and different exhaust configuration than standard models. The seller had a local Toyota dealer perform a pressure flush of the cooling system, which runs the length of the car. Other services performed during the seller’s ownership include the fitment of new, stock specification spark plugs, new spark plug wires, synthetic oil, filters, and a new oxygen sensor. The seller states that the job was done well, and no issues are noted with the car.

Several photos of the underside of the car are provided.

The original window sticker is included, and shows the original options and $25,288 MSRP. The original owner kept all of the books and manuals, as well as a selection of newspaper and magazine clippings pertaining to the model.

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