Toyota Tacoma Brush Guard by Aries Pro Collection


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Toyota Tacoma Brush Guard – The Aries Pro Collection grille guard/ brush guard most definitely will secure and also improve the front end of your pickup. It is a strong, bonded one-piece design as well as showcases a no drill setup.

What establishes the Pro Series grille guard apart is it comes with a facility mesh cover plate. You can mount up to a 30″ vast led light bar behind it (20″ for the Jeep Wrangler). There is also a good selection of optional cover plates you can enter stainless or black compared to function either an open face or mesh face. The cover layers come in 2 styles, one style is made for two, as much as 10″ vast led light bars and also the others are styles for 20″ or 30″ led light bars. In addition to that you could additionally a rotating cross bar that can fit most LED light bars on the market that enables you to angle the Lights precisely where you want them aimed. These system added design as well as secures your LEDs from the components and theft.

Aries pro guards are 1/4″ believe plate & mandrel curved 1-1/2″ carbon steel tubing. Completed with a distinct, sturdy distinctive black finish. The sharp design is made details from each lorry, so it perfectly compliments the lines of your vehicle or Jeep while quickly integrating with your factory bumper. Update your pick-up today with Aries.

  • Distinctive distinctive black finish over carbon steel tubing
  • Solid 1-piece bonded design for stamina and also praises your automobiles body lines
  • Includes a facility black mesh cover plate for mounting up to 30″ LED light bars
  • Conveniently accommodates a lot of the preferred LED light bars on market
  • Optional stainless & black open face or mesh center cover plates available
  • Optional LED light bar cross bar for setting up lights, which enables you full expression & goal your lights with accuracy
  • No drill, screw on layout that functions seamlessly with your manufacturing facility bumper
  • Aries Pro Series Grille Guards are packed with a pile of terrific functions in addition all the great benefits of having a grille guard on your vehicle.

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