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Toyota Truck Caps – Supertop ™ Convertible Top by Bestop ®. When you need more space than a tonneau could supply however do not desire the durability as well as inflexibility of a bed cap, you require a Bestop Convertible Top. In the raised setting, the Supertop will offer you all the space as well as security of a tough bed cap, but in minutes it can be folded onward for full bed access. The Supertop includes the fabric, tinted, zip-out side as well as back windows, rails, and also equipment. The costs quality material is mildew immune and UV shielded, with industrial toughness string, warm sealed joints, and durable molded zippers.

Toyota Truck Caps by Bestop


  • Flexible bed storage as well as security
  • Perfect for Fifth wheel and also bed-mounted hitches
  • Gives space and also protection of a full-size bed cap when raised
  • Folds up onward for complete bed gain access to
  • Installs to vehicle bed with 4 clamps, no exploration called for
  • Quick bow launch for easy elimination
  • Includes leading textile, removable zip-out colored windows, rails, and hardware
  • Durable, diamond factor grain, UV shielded, mildew immune textile
  • Fabric connects to rails with Belt-Rail ™ add-on system
  • Industrial toughness thread for sturdy building
  • Warm sealed seams protect cargo from the elements
  • Heavy-duty shaped tooth zippers enable very easy home window elimination as well as installment
  • Front retainer bar supplies a lot more snug fir behind taxicab
  • Substitute side window kits are available
  • Comes with equipment and also instructions
  • Minimal 2-year guarantee

Truck bed storeroom and security generally comes in 2 tastes: Everything that’s no more than the bed sides will certainly fit under a tonneau cover, yet if it’s taller you’ll require a bed cap. Tonneaus are a lot more flexible in that they can be opened up for complete bed accessibility, however bed caps are far more irreversible installations, and require a hoist or a few people to take off the truck bed. Now Bestop has included a Third, much more tempting flavor of bed storage and protection with the Supertop Convertible Top. In the normal, increased placement, the Supertop gives all the space as well as protection of a difficult bed cap, however when full bed gain access to is needed, it can be folded ahead in a manner of minutes.

The Supertop consists of the costs quality material, tinted, zip-out side and also rear home windows, rails, and also equipment. The side and also back windows can be easily gotten rid of for practical bed access with the top increased, and also the rear home window can be rolled up and preserved with straps if preferred. The rails connect to the bed sides with 4 clamps, without any exploration called for. The durable, diamond factor grain fabric is mold resistant, and UV shielded to stop fading, and also created with commercial stamina thread for a top that will certainly last. All seams are warm sealed to secure your beneficial cargo from the components, and also heavy-duty shaped tooth zippers are used to hold up against repeated elimination as well as setup. The quick bow release produces very easy removal.

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