2001 Toyota Tacoma Fender Flares by Bushwacker


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2001 Toyota Tacoma Fender Flares – Toyota Tacoma 4WD Fleetside 74.5″ Bed 2001, Cut-Out ™ Front and Rear Fender Flares by Bushwacker ®, Establish of 4 Pieces. Tire Protection: 3″ Front, 3″ Back. Flare Height: 5″ Front, 5.25″ Rear. OE Matte Black. For extreme off-road usage, there’s absolutely nothing else like Bushwacker Cut-Out ™ Fender Flares. Each collection of Cut-Out ™ Fender Flares is separately made for your Toyota Tacoma to optimize off-road wheel travel and also preserve ample tire protection. That custom approach suggests a smoother look, better stamina, andeasier bolt-on installation with hard stainless steel hardware.

As the name claims, Cut-Out ™ Fender Flares need reducing body sheet steel to accomplish maximum articulation and protection for extra-large tires. Cut-Out ™ Fender Flares are made from thick, warp-proof Dura-Flex ® 2000, they possess proprietary product, engineered for included durability as well as adaptability in extreme conditions. Its UV protection defend against liquid chalking, while its pro-grade matte black finish looks excellent as-is, or customized repainted to develop your own individual look. Cut-Out ™ Fender Flares supply extreme performance with style to match.

2001 Toyota Tacoma Fender Flares by Bushwacker

Notes: Exploration and Reducing are Called for.


  • Front Flare Tire Protection: 3.00″.
  • Back Flare Tire Insurance coverage: 3.00″.
  • Front Flare Height: 5.00″.
  • Rear Flare Elevation: 5.25″.
  • Front Aftermarket Bumper Compatible: Yes.
  • Rear Aftermarket Bumper Compatible: Yes.
  • Item Color: OE Matte Black.
  • Product Product: Dura-Flex( R) 2000 ABS.
  • Item Texture: Smooth.
  • Offered As: Establish of 4.


  • Adds up to 3.00″ of tire coverage from particles.
  • Sheet metal elimination maximizes wheel articulation.
  • OEM matte black coating is easy to repaint.
  • 100% UV shielded Dura-Flex ® 2000 – no chalking.
  • Made in the USA.

When it pertains to improving the lorry’s look, the majority of drivers are seeking for something simple, for a device that will both add a fashionable accent to the appearance of their car as well as be the utmost bang for the buck. If it’s your instance, then the Bushwacker Cut-Out fender flares are what you require. Except the attractive layout, the component offers fantastic defense from debris and mud that is an actual frustration for lots of off-roaders. Extra tire protection provided by these fender flares deals with your lorry’s paint by capturing rocks, stones, as well as various other harmful things.

The Bushwacker Cut-Out fender flares are made from incredibly sturdy Dura-Flex 2000 plastic to look great and last for a very long time. Specially crafted for severe off-road task, the material is strong as well as adaptable adequate to endure all hazards. As a result, these fender flares are a 100% UV-protected, non-cracking, non-chalking, and non-warping upgrade. An additional wonderful point is that these fender flares can be found in an OEM matte black surface prepared to approve custom paint.

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