2015 Toyota Prius Five Review


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2015 Toyota Prius Five – Now in its fourth model year, the 2015 Toyota Prius V advantages this year from a handful of upgrades to designing, tools, and also– essential for a family car– security. It’s still the most significant participant of the four-car Prius household, as well as offers the most interior quantity. Toyota avoids words, however the Prius V is a timeless high wagon version of the a lot more acquainted Prius Liftback. Its roomier and also much more family-friendly form uses the very same powertrain as the hatchback Prius, however, sacrificing a bit of performance and also some performance also.

This family Prius is not a crossover energy lorry, though, since all-wheel drive isn’t provided. Plus, it rides at the height of a standard auto– not the raised vehicle height of an AWD SUV. So a wagon it is– Toyota claims only that the “V” stands for “functional”– as well as a very high-mileage crossbreed wagon at that. It’s ranked at a consolidated 42 miles each gallon, impressive for a five-passenger car that will certainly hold their luggage too.

While the Prius V looks much like the timeless Liftback, it really shares no body panels with the hatchback. The V is taller, larger, and also, therefore, heavier than its sibling. Its taller, a lot more slab-sided form of the Prius V, along with its vertical liftgate, sets it besides the sloping roof covering and straight liftgate of the Liftback. Drivers accustomed to the conventional Prius are likely to value that the V’s back home window is a solitary item of continual glass instead of the split panes of the Prius hatchback, one of them at an angle as well as the other upright.

The Prius V was refreshed this year with a more hostile frontal layout and brand-new head- and taillight systems. The new front end adheres to the edgier style motif that has actually been applied to the Camry and also Yaris, as well as this year’s Prius C subcompact. The fronts lights have actually been improved into slimmer units that stream into the grille opening, and also there are fang-like slits below them, making the automobile look bigger and reduced.

The Prius V’s seatsing position is upright and greater than in a traditional Prius. Toyota has done without that auto’s “flying uphold” console and offered more accessible trays, mug holders, and cubbies for household oddments, along with a center arm remainder topping a storage space bin in between the seats. Simply listed below the base of the windshield is a screen much like that of the Prius hatchback: a rather random variety of symbols, representations, readings, and icons completely color that’s easily outshone by the good-looking graphics of the Ford C-Max’s even more conventional dashboard.

The real benefit can be found in interior quantity. A gliding rear seat enables development of the rear freight bay from 34.3 cubic feet to 40.2, as well as folding down the seat creates a significant 67.3-cubic-foot tons volume. Toyota is to be complimented for the wide, 39-inch distance in between wheel-well cutouts, meaning big boxy items can be fit with ease on the level tons floor.

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